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My thoughts are living in an environment of visibility in a real and imaginary sense. So consequentially everything meets in a single medium: the drawing. I hope you will enjoy them also as my games, works on art history etc.

Klaus Schröer

Catalog “Graphik”

Drawings, Statistical drawings, Social Paintings
Klaus Schröer

This book presents my graphic work. For me, drawing is not just a tool for the aesthetic confrontation with the world. Rather, it is the platform for any mental work.
148 pages, DIN A4, 120 images,
German, 24,90 €

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Drawings (common)

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Triangular – play now !

“Triangular” – also known under its old name “Triadis” – is maybe the best game I´ve invented. Because it is not available at the moment I´ve programmed a browser version. So you can play the game online against each other (this strategy game is for two persons) or against the computer respectively the server. Also works on tablets and phones. The Rules are also online.

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Xtremori! Memo game

My game Xtremori! is the worlds only double-sided tile-matching game. The object is to find two tiles with the same combination of images: a pair! The tiles show only a view different images, but every combination of them is twice in the game. The game was often published nand received as Xtremori!® the well known “spiel gut“-award. I hope it will be available again soon.

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Folding puzzles – NEW !

Already in 1995 the “Spektrum der Wissenschaft” published a special edition with my folding puzzles (sold out). The puzzles are just a simple piece of paper with a folding grid congruent on both sides containing the “tiles” of the puzzle. The rules are simple: Just fold the paper using only the lines of the grid until you reached the target image. Try it now:

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Now finally two new booklets with 16 Folding Puzzles each have been published:

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Drawings on games

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Drawings on art history

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Ghent Altarpiece

van Eyck Ghent Altarpiece

Das Rätsel des Lammes
Der Genter Altar und sein Vorbild
Klaus Schröer

This book shows the antetype of the most spectacular artwork the late Middle Ages: The Ghent Altarpiece by van Eyck. The composition of “Het Lam Gods“ is based on the groundplan of an old spanish church.
168 Seiten, 87 images, German, 8,99 €

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“Ich aber quadriere den Kreis …”
Leonardo da Vincis Proportionsstudie
von Klaus Schröer / Klaus Irle
BOD 2017
Erstauflage Waxmann, Münster, 1998

Das Rätsel des Lammes
Der Genter Altar und sein Geheimnis
von Klaus Schröer
BOD 2017
Erstauflage MV-Verlag, Münster 2007


Drawings, Statistical drawings, Social Paintings
von Klaus Schröer
BOD 2019


Folding Puzzles Animals, BOD
Folding Puzzles Artist Selfies, BOD
Xtremori! ®, art+form
Triangular, art+form
Level4, art+form
Infinity, art+form
Think. Mega Memo, Ravensburger
(one game of the set)
brain twister, Spektrum der Wissenschaft
Triadis, Spektrum der Wissenschaft
Faltpuzzle, Spektrum der Wissenschaft
ENIGMA Rätselpark, Taranga Hotel


I´m offering lectures for schools, universities and events on Leonardos Vitruvian man.

Hattingen, Leonardo-Exhibition, LWL-Industriemuseum
Münster, Westfälisches Landesmuseum
Bremen, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geometrie und Grafik (DGfGG)
Wien, Leonardo-Exhibition im Schottenstift
Berlin, Leonardo-Exhibition, Artcenter
Münster, Lehrerfortbildung von Hewlett & Packard
Heidelberg, Novembertagung zur Geschichte der Mathematik

Duration: 1-2 h

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In the media

The following media reported about my work:

3SAT Kulturzeit, Antenne Münster, Arch+, BILD, Bild der Wissenschaft, Boardgame News (USA), BRF (B), BUNTE, De Morgen (B), Die Welt, Domradio, El Adelantado (E), Express, FOCUS, Frankfurter Rundschau, Gold Coast Bulletin (AUS), Hamburger Abendblatt, Het Laatste Nieuws (B), HR Aus Wissenschaft und Forschung, Kleine Zeitung Graz (Ö), ManagerSeminare, Münstersche Zeitung, NDR1, Neue Ruhrzeitung, NT News (AUS), NTV, ORF (A), Radio Twe (B), Rheinische Post, RTL, Schachmagazin, STERN Online, SPIEGEL Online, Süddeutsche Zeitung (Streiflicht), Südkurier, Tagesspiegel, The Advertiser (AUS), The Courier Mail (AUS), The Cronicle (AUS), The Daily Telegraph (AUS), The Harold Sun (AUS), The Mercury (AUS), Technology Review, WAZ, WDR, WN, ZEIT Online

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Partner of SON

Since 2006 I´m partner of the “Stiftung für Ornithologie und Naturschutz (SON)”. This foundations supports the ornithology and protection of nature.

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