Welcome to my work !

My thoughts are living in an environment of visibility in a real and imaginary sense. So consequentially everything meets in a single medium: the drawing. I hope you will enjoy them also as my games, works on art history etc.

Klaus Schröer

Drawings (common)

Some drawings in usual sense.

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Play Triangular online now !

“Triangular” – also known under its old name “Triadis” – is maybe the best game I´ve invented. Because it is not available at the moment I´ve programmed a browser version. So you can play the game online against each other (this strategy game is for two persons) or against the computer respectively the server. Also works on tablets and phones. The Rules are also online.

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Folding puzzles – play now !

Already in 1995 the “Spektrum der Wissenschaft” published a special edition with my folding puzzles (sold out). Since then they are well known and an unexpensive promotion tool. The puzzles are just a simple piece of paper with a folding raster congruent on both sides containing the “tiles” of the puzzle. The rules are simple: Just fold the paper using only the lines of the raster until you reached the target image. Try it know:

Download Folding puzzle PDF

Drawings on games

Here some drawings I made on the games I´ve invented.

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Drawings on art history

Here some of my studies I made in art historical context.

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